The Perfect Addition to the Kiwi Lifestyle...

Platinum Plugin Spa

The Platinum Plugin seats up to 6 with a king seat, recliner & armchair. If you’re wanting a spa that moves when you do then this is the spa for you! Just fill it up, plug into the power and you are ready to relax.

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Sensational Spa

Seating up to 6 people the Sensational Spa Pool is perfect for relaxing evenings among friends.  It’s even better with a glass of bubbles. Deep enough to fully cover your shoulders, the spa comes with a king seat, recliner, armchair, kids seat and highchair. And with 29 Water Jets and 3 Whirlpool Pumps it’s like having your own personal masseuse.  Who wouldn’t want to come home to that after a stressful day at work!

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Compact Kiwi Spa

The high-quality Compact Kiwi spa offers space for up to three people. With the Compact Kiwi you can experience wellness to the fullest.

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Serenity Spa

The Serenity is a beautifully designed double lounger spa that can seat 2-3 people. The perfect addition for those with a smaller space or for those wanting to lounge with that special someone. 

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Indulgence Spa

The Indulgence Spa is the ultimate pool to share with your special person or two! It offers a combination of space and intimacy including all the benefits of a larger more expensive pool (Depth, Massage, Ozone Sanitation, Efficiency, Heat and Ambiance Lighting).

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Diamond Spa

Don’t let the size of our compact 2-3 person Spa Pool deceive you! Because the Diamond’s 20 Water Jets give a great all round body massage and its smaller size means it will fit almost anywhere! That’s why it’s perfect for a romantic evening or to pamper yourself with a long soak after the gym.

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Swim Spa

Picture yourself

It starts with a scorching hot summer’s day. You are cooling off in the refreshing water of the swim pool. Feeling young again. Now it’s evening and you migrate to the hot spa for a relaxing soak with a glass of bubbles.  Watching the sun sinking in the west. Thank you Happy Kiwi, your combination Swim Spa pool is the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Kiwi Weather

You can’t rely on the often questionable Kiwi weather patterns.  Year round the swim spa has got you covered on both a crisp winters day or a classic kiwi summer scorcher!

Your Lifestyle

Do you prefer the gym or an epic workout in the privacy of your own home? The swim spa pool is decked out with powerful swim jets. These jets give you a great resistance work out either swimming or walking.   At the end of your workout massage your muscles in the warm spa pool.

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Unsure which Spa is for you?

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