In the unlikely event of a spa fault, we do know of service agents throughout New Zealand to service our pools.  For servicing, the spa needs to be positioned in a way to allow access to all panels (you may be liable for additional labour and/or travel costs if this is not possible).

The Spa Pool Acrylic

The shell is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 5 years from the date of purchase, against failure in: structure and material due to faulty workmanship or materials, provided that the installation, use and maintenance have been carried out in accordance with normal practice according to our recommendations.


The warranty covers all components  for 2 year;s from the purchase date against faulty components, provided they are used under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

(Heating elements are not covered under this warranty against corrosion due to water imbalance).

Electrical Connection

All electrical connections must be carried out by a qualified electrical contractor.  Failure to do so will immediately VOID this warranty.  Happy Kiwi reserves the right to ask for proof that the spa has been installed by a qualified electrical contractor.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not extend to wear and tear or damage resulting from accident, misuse, negligence or incorrect chemical maintenance of the Spa.  That the spa has been maintained and the water chemically treated according to sound and well established methods and abrasive cleaners have not been used on the pools surfaces.

This warranty is not transferable and is only valid to the original purchaser.

That the spa must not be left empty in direct sunlight as this will result in damage to the spa surface and fittings.

The warranty shall be invalid if the spa is damaged by earth or ground-fill movement, act of God, by accident, or by intentional, reckless negligent acts of any person, acts of aggression.  In no event shall Happy Kiwi, it’s employees, be liable for injury to any person for any claim of damage, however it may arise.

The spa cannot be altered or modified from its original state or this could result in the warranty becoming void.  All servicing and repairs are to be carried out by Happy Kiwi authorised service agents.

This warranty does not include all commercial installations, eg hotels, motels, sports clubs etc.

If any such defects appear or occur the Purchaser shall inform Happy Kiwi in writing within 7 days of such defect.  Any such notice is required to set out the exact nature of the defect and the circumstances in which it was noticed.

You can notify Happy Kiwi via


This warranty is the only warranty offered by Happy Kiwi and excludes any other implied or oral undertakings.  Except as described above, this warranty does not cover defects or damage due to normal wear and tear, improper installation, alteration with Happy Kiwi Spas prior written consent, acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, commercial or industrial use, use of an accessory not approved by Happy Kiwi, failure to follow

Happy Kiwi’s pre-delivery instructions in the owner’s manual or repairs made or attempted by anyone other than an authorized representative of Happy Kiwi. 

Happy Kiwi’s employees will not be liable for any incidental or  consequential loss or injury. Happy Kiwi will not be liable for costs associated with but not limited to building alterations, removal costs, delivery costs, or labour costs associated with the replacement of a spa.

NOTE:  Do not leave the spa wrapped in the plastic protective cover outside in direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the acrylic surface.  If the spa is not being installed immediately, it should be stored away from direct sunlight.