Happy Kiwi

Kiwi Owned

Since 2006, Happy Kiwi has been a Kiwi family owned and operated spa pool business. We have a full showroom and warehouse and a nationwide service department. Happy Kiwi is the longest standing spa pool seller on Trademe Store – approved since January 2007. More than 3000 Kiwis are now Happy Kiwi customers nationwide. Therefore you know we have stood the test of time. We pride ourselves on our quality spa pools and our after sales back up and support. So you can purchase with confidence.

Kiwi Design

From the start, New Zealanders designed Happy Kiwi spa pools, in New Zealand, for New Zealanders.  These designers kept a number of goals in mind. First they considered your comfort, enjoyment and safety. Then they addressed the strength and durability in New Zealand’s varying climate conditions. Finally they ensured that the product is easy to use and looks great.  The end result is a range of spa pools with a strong stainless steel frame supporting a super thick acrylic shell to give years and years of durability.

Kiwi Features

Happy Kiwi includes an ozone cleaning system in all spa pools. Anyone who suffers from skin irritations or allergies will appreciate this gentle ozone system. Our whirlpool pumps give a powerful hydro massage through various seats including recliner, king seats, armchair and high seats. These give you the ultimate massage. All electronic controls are modern, digital and easy to use. Thermostatically controlled heating maintains the water temperature automatically. And yes, on our pools, you can operate the jets at the same time as the heating.

Kiwi Standards

All Happy Kiwi spa pools are designed to meet New Zealand safety standards. They all come complete with a thick insulated and lockable cover to keep the heat in and kids out.