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Filter $99

Bromine 800gm
Bromine 800gm $60.00 (10mths supply approx)
Bromine  1.6kg
Bromine 1.6kg $100.00 (approx 1.5yrs supply)
Bromine Dispenser

Bromine Dispenser $40.00







 It is important to keep your spa pool clean.  A dirty filter can affect the performance of your spa pool.  It is recommended that your filter be cleaned out weekly and replaced every  12 months.   Filters can be purchased from Happy Kiwi Shop,  by phoning  09 948 0700 or emailing to order your replacement filter.  Filters are couriered to your door.

To keep spa pool water clean without a massive amount of chemicals we use Bromine.  Its great  especially if you have small children or you have sensitive skin or just hate the smell of chlorine.  Its easy to use, simply place 4 bromine tablets into the bromine dispenser and they will slowly disolve into the water over approx 3-4 weeks.   


Filters  $99

Bromine Dispenser  $40.00

Bromine  800gm   $60.00   (approx 10mths supply)

Bromine  1.6kg    $100.00     (approx 1.5yrs supply)


3 Easy Steps to Clean Spa Pool Water

Step 1  –  Purchase Bromine Dispenser

Step 2  –  Unscrew the bromine dispenser and place 4 bromine tablets in.  (lasts approx 3-4 weeks)

Step 3  –  Keep filter to clean by hosing out weekly and replacing every 12 months


To order your bromine please phone 09 948 0700  or email:    Bromine will be dispatched once payment is processed and will be couriered to your door.  Alternatively, it can be purchased from our showroom at 31/3 Ben Lomond Cres, Pakuranga Auckland